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Maschio Prosecco Rosè Extra Dry DOC

Grape Variety: Glera, Pinot Nero


Alcohol: 11% Vol


Vinification:Prosecco DOC Rose is obtained from Glera grapes (base of the traditional Prosecco in bianco ), with the addition of 10-15% of Pinot Nero. The grapes used for the production of this rose sparkling wine, once harvested, are pressed and then left to macerate at a low temperature for about one night.Only the following day the skins are separated from the rest of the must. It is the Pinot Noir skins that give the wine its typical pale pink color. Then follows the first fermentation in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The refermentation, which always takes place in an autoclave at a controlled temperature, allows to reach the desired sugar residue.

Colour: Light pink with typical copper hues

Bouquet: Hints of white flowers from Glera variety with violet and raspberry notes from Pinot Nero

Taste: Full bodied, with a clearly perceivable aftertaste of berries.

Maschio Prosecco Rosè Extra Dry DOC

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