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No matter your industry, level of experience or wine knowledge, a guided wine tasting is an essential step in your wine selection process and the best result is only possible when you have personally tasted the wines at the right temperature and in the right order. 


During our guided tasting, we will:

  • 根据您的需求和业务的特点,为您准备合适的葡萄酒单。Prepare a suitable wine selection based on your needs and the specificity of your business

  • 提供专业的葡萄酒咨询,包括合适的餐酒搭配、酒款年份等建议。Offer a professional wine consultation, suggest proper pairing, vintages, etc.

  • 介绍您所选的葡萄酒,分享葡萄酒的口味特点和酿酒厂的历史等信息。Introduce the selected wines, share wine taste profiles, winery history, etc. 

  • 如您需要,为您的业务与经营提供如何推广所选葡萄酒的建议。Offer suggestions on how your business can better promote the selected wine (if necessary).

Interprocom has main tasting showrooms in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Please fill out the form to book a tasting session at the location most convenient for you.


Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Book a Tasting with Us!

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