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Interprocom has over 50 top Italian wineries from all 20 Italian regions. Here are some of our key winery partners: 


Ca' del Bosco

Located in Northern Italy, Lombardy, Franciacorta may be a famous name on the world's wine stage but it is still a relatively young one one in historical terms. The area has earned significant approval from wine lowers and critics.

But there are special requirements to be adhered to. In order to yield wines of indisputable quality, vineyards must be at least 15 years old. The average age of Ca' del Bosco's 207 hectares under vine is 21 years.

Being among the pioneers of Franciacorta helped them because they have been able to plant their rows in the best wine areas. Ca' del Bosco owns its lands and closely monitors the grapevines row by row. 

Ca' del Bosco is the world-class winery in terms of innovation, product marketing and quality. The unique "Ca' del Bosco Method" has brought its wines to the top of the wine-making market worldwide.


Rocca Delle Macie

Rocca delle Macìe was established in 1973, when Italo Zingarelli – producer of Ettore Scola’s “We All Loved Each Other So Much”, and also of the wildly popular series of films featuring comedy duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill (including “They Call Me Trinity” and “Trinity Is Still My Name”) – decided to realize his lifelong dream by acquiring the “Le Macìe” estate – extending across 93 hectares (230 acres) in all, of which only two were under vine – in order to create a winery in the heart of the Chianti Classico zone.


Love and passion for Tuscan land was handed on from ltalo to his children Fabio, Sandra e Sergio, with his wife Daniela at his side.


1985: Sergio starts working at the winery with his father.

1989: Sergio was appointed Company President.

Today: 3rd generation involved in the family business.



Donnafugata is a Sicilian wine company, producing wine from a number of native and international varieties. It was founded in the 1980s by the Rallo family, who have a winemaking history dating back to the 19th Century.

The company counts five different wineries located in various sub-regions of Sicily, including on the neighbouring island of Pantelleria. 

Donnafugata was created through the initiative of a family that, with passion revolutionized the style and perception of Sicilian wine in the world. The name Donnafugata refers to the novel by Tomasi di Lampedusa entitled I Gattopardo (The Leopard).


The brand name means "donna in fuga”(woman in flight) and refers to the story of a queen who found refuge in the part of Sicily where the company’s vineyards are located today... An adventure that inspired the corporate logo: the image of a woman's head with windblown hair found on every bottle.

Bell'Assai_Floramundi_lifestyle_Donnafugata_ph_Pilotto (4).jpg

Val di Suga

Val di Suga's history began in 1969,when a company owned by Aldo Moro bought agr icultural land to the north of Montalcino and built a manufacturing and retail business on it. Previously used for forage, these lands were gradually made into vineyards as they changed hands a number of times until,in 1982,Val di Suga began making wines in its own winemaking cellars. The first vintage to be sold was Val di Suga Brunello Riserva 1977.

In 1988 the company bought one of the most famous of Montalcino's single vineyard sites, SPUNTALI, around 15 hectares of vineyard acknowledged by all to be one of the best Brunello terroir zones, on a south-west facing site


Today the company's philosophy and its everyday work target diversity placing the maximum attention on its wines and their indissoluble bond with the territory.



Vallone is a family owned company founded in 1936 and located in the Puglia region, south east of ltaly. The family owned estate covers 1482 acers.


Vittoria Maria Teresa and Francesco Vallone are the owners, Francesco is also the CEO.


The company has been founded by Vittoria and Maria Teresa's Grandfather. Vittoria and Maria Teresa developed and managed the company from 1976 to 2014 replacing Francesco's father prematurely deceased. Francesco has fifteen year ofexperience in the corporate finance practice.


In January 2014, as part of a generational transition, Francesco was asked to join the family business and received all the operating mandates.



Casa Borgogno, is found right in the historical centre of the town of Barolo. The strong point of Borgogno lies in its unconditional respect of tradition, which recalls wines of days gone by and are actually produced with traditional and natural wine making methods. The fermentation practices have remained the same for many decades with long fermentation, pressing and hand-pumping. Over the years the techniques have been refined which affords lively, true and clean wines, different each year in that they adhere to the characteristics of the year but always have an unmistakable Borgogno seal.

A unique library collection of back vintages of Barolo Riserva that dates to the 1960s. Borgogno probably has the largest Library Collection of Barolo old vintages of entire the Barolo area.There are more than 200.000 bottles that rest in the wine cellar.


Even today after 250 years, wines are made in full respect of tradition: without the use of chemical additives in the vineyards and with spontaneous fermentation in cement, with refinement in large barrels of Slavonian oak, in the cellar.



Bertani is an Italian wine producer in the northeastern wine-producing region of Veneto. The estate has two wineries: one in Valpolicella Valpantena and the second, Tenuta Novare, at the epicentre of Amarone and Valpolicella Classico Superiore winemaking country.

Bertani was founded at the time of the Italian Unification, with the desire to proudly represent the excellence of a new nation with a thousand-year-old cultural. This commitment and the quality of Bertani wines helped it to achieve excellence in 1923: the royal warrant. 

Although it is an outdated symbol now that Italy is a republic, for us it still represents the achievement of the highest quality.

As an icon of Italian wine in the world, Bertani combines typicality of native grape varieties with continuous improvement in the vineyards and attention to the terroir.

Respect for the tradition is balanced by innovation and great business acumen in order to achieve the highest quality: these are the fundamental principles of the winery, today also the reference point for the great national group: Angelini Wines & Estates.


Marchesi di Barolo

The magic of this wine began in 1807 with the love story between the Marquis Barolo, Carlo Tancredi Falletti and a French noblewoman, Juliette Colbert de Maulév rier, a descendent of King Louis XIV finance minister.


It used to the beautiful fine French wines that she enjoyed before moving to Barolo, Juliette immediately sensed that the vineyards surrounding the Marquis Estate enjoyed a particularly auspicious and favourable position due to the soil and the microclimate that combined created the perfect environment for the Nebbiolo grapeFor this rich and precious grape, she created magnificent wine cellars to facilitate its fermentation and aging process in large fine oak barrels.


According to the French tradition, she gave this noble Nebbiolo so potent, austere and of unique flavour, the name of Barolo after its land of origin In 1864 with Marquise Juliette, the noble line of the Falletti's of Barolo was extingui shed. As a very devout Catholic, she decided to donate all her assets to charity. lt was created a Charity Administration recognized by the Government as a non-profit corporation under the name "Opera Pia Barolo".


Masseria Doppio Passo

The word "velvet" has always perfectly interpreted the meaning of luxury and refinement Velvet is soft and silky, which makes it very popular in the Renaissance.


lt is used to sew all kinds of luxury clothes to show the dignity and reputation of the aristocracy


Masseria Doppio Passo series colorant is inspired by the historical revival of ltalian textile industry. The design style of each pattern brush of Duobao series comes from the classic pattern of RUBELLI home textile customized cloth for aristocrats in the Renaissance.


Cantine Riunite & CIV

From the outset, Righi products have increased the value of the area's best Lambrusco.

Today Righi looks to the future with the knowledge that consumers, in particular young consumers, can and want to find in these delightful sparkling wines a new way to satisfy their demands of taste, quality and enjoyment.

Righi was the first wine producing company to guarantee the traceability of every single bottle of Lambrusco.

It does so using a computerized collection system which provides the consumer with details regarding production and the technology used as part of a chain that starts with the choice of the raw materials and ends with the product’s sale to the customer.

The consumer can learn more about the production process behind every single Righi bottle.