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Un Viaggio nel Tempo

A Voyage Through Time

Discover the great historical moments that distinguish Interprocom's partners 


Marchesi di Barolo, the world's first bottle of Barolo 

One of the greatest exponents of Barolo was Pietro Abbona, also recognized as the patriarch of Barolo, making this wine recognized throughout the world and represented with his labels the castles of Barolo and Serralunga.


For 6 generations the Abbona family has continued the tradition with the same passion, the historic barrels are still kept in the cellar, and they reinterpret a wine with an incredible story in a modern key.


Borgogno, record sales figure for a single Barolo bottle

A bottle of 1886 vintage Borgogno Barolo goes under the hammer at the historical wine auction held in Turin for the sum of 530.000 liras. An absolute record for the time and the highest figure ever reached by any Italian wine.


Donnafugata and D&G

The wines born from the partnership between Dolce&Gabbana and Donnafugata in 2020 express the attention to detail and unconditional love for Sicily, perfect expressions of two excellences of Made in Italy.


The pleasure of the family gathering at the table and the conviviality that survives even in this delicate moment: Dolce&Gabbana and Donnafugata renew their collaboration giving life to Rosa, an unprecedented rosé wine with a fruity and floral personality.

A message of common positivity and rebirth, starting from one's roots: Sicily.

Love for their native land, attention to detail and craftsmanship: united by the desire to make the colors, scents and history of Sicilian culture known to every corner of the world, these two Made in Italy excellences strengthen their partnership in the name of the tradition and know-how of the Bel Paese.


The Ca' del Bosco Method

The “Berry Spa”: an exclusive grape washing and drying system is operational since the 2008 harvest and is created to better eliminate unwanted microorganisms, fine dust and residues of agricultural treatments from the grapes.


From the pressing of these grapes, wine that are purer, more intense and endowed with the maximum aromatic expression are born. Thanks to this process, the potential of the soils and character of the grapes are thus enhanced, restoring a recognizable style faithful to the terroir.

Ca'del Bosco was the first to use a special capping machine, designed directly by them and patented in November 2005, which eliminates oxygen before capping.

By carrying out the disgorgement in the absence of oxygen, the presence of sulphides can be greatly reduced. One of the aspects we care most about and which makes their Franciacortas healthier, longer -lived.


The Museum of Primitivo Wine


In Manduria, the Museum of the civilization of Primitivo wine, located inside the Cantina Produttori di Manduria, was born with a strong vocation for memory, that is, from the desire not to lose track of a cultural world that was perceived as profound transformation, and therefore at risk of oblivion.


The Museum of Primitivo wine civilization tells us about a past world, but it does so for today, because it is today that we remember, or in some cases discover, different and new ways of living and thinking.


The Museum thus becomes a bridge between the past and the present of agriculture, winemaking and a whole world marked by the rhythm of the gestures of the farmers of yesterday and today.


Biondi-Santi presents the first Brunello di Montalcino

Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino is undoubtedly one of the most representative wines of Italian enology in the world.

The birth of Brunello di Montalcino is inextricably linked to the Biondi - Santi dynasty, a family from Montalcino, in which in 1820 a gentleman named Clemente Santi, who was a pharmacist, a chemist and a farmer, began experimenting with Sangiovese Grosso vines.

Produced for the first time in 1888 The Biondi-Santi reserve is the first Brunello in history, since 1888 the first vintage of Brunello in history, Biondi-Santi has continued to produce wines renowned for their elegance and extraordinary longevity.


In 1994, Franco Biondi Santi organized, in the presence of numerous 'experts' (sommeliers, oenologists and journalists), a vertical which included the famous first vintage, that of 1888: well, after more than a century in the cellar, this Brunello it was even more than enjoyable.

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