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Our Milestones

Interprocom's history is fairly recent, yet the number of milestones and successful undertakings we were able to achieve during this relatively short period of time is something we are truly proud of. 

We invite you to travel through Interprocom's Time Capsule with us and explore the key events that made it all possible.


Interprocom Founders

Interprocom is Born

Interprocom is born in Naples from the idea of 4 very young Neapolitan entrepreneurs who want to totally change the Chinese wine market rules. Their goal is to enhance their country beyond the borders, hence the choice to export one of the most appreciated Italian excellences in the world: wine.


To date, Interprocom is the largest importer and distributor of Italian wine in China and exclusively represents more than 50 prestigious names in the Italian wine scene.


Landed in Shenzhen

This is the year Interprocom Cantine Divine headquarters opens in Shenzhen. From here the first imports, trade fairs and collaborations begin and it is also here that the idea of creating a first line of wines under the name: CANTINE DIVINE is born.


Same year, Shenzhen sees the opening of our first temperature-controlled warehouse, which now has over 650 items.

Interprocom Office 蒂维妮深圳


Gaining Momentum

The Interprocom Wine Platform concept is created with the mission of helping brands (even well-known in Italy) to penetrate the Chinese market by strengthening their brand awareness, building distribution channels and launching their operations in China.


Branching out

Interprocom begins its expansion by opening its first branch office in Beijing.

Opening in the capital is highly significant in terms of growth for the company allowing for more widespread market coverage, even here in Beijing we have a warehouse.


Later that same year, we opened our first resort in Bali Seminyak: Aksari Villa.

蒂维妮 意大利葡萄酒


Italian wine importers China

Shanghai is calling

Interprocom opens its second branch office in Shanghai, this certainly represents one of the most important milestones.


In fact, opening in the commercial capital and in the most international city of China represented a real 360-degree showcase allowing the inclusion of our wines in some important realities in the horeca sector including prestigious names such as the best known starred restaurants in the world and 5-star hotels, which see our wines listed and present both à la carte and by glass.


The Year of Great Achievement

We reach one of the most significant records by importing over 100 40"-containers of Italian wine in just one year, a feat never achieved by anyone in the wine sector before that moment.

In the same year, Interprocom was also nominated for the PANDA D'ORO, a prestigious award dedicated to the most important and most successful Italian companies that produce value in China.


As anticipated, 2018 is definitely the year of turning point and of great results. In fact, Interprocom has been awarded as the Best Importer of Italian Wine in China for 4 consecutive years starting from 2018.



Interprocom Excellences

Interprocom opens the fourth office in Guangzhou, defined as one of the most important cities in mainland China known as "first tier".

In 2019 we also create 'The Interprocom Excellences' format where the owners of 4 of the most renowned Italian wineries are present, also present in the "Grandi Marchi".


We had the pleasure of hosting for the occasion: Antonio Rallo for Donnafugata, Maurizio Zanella for Ca'del Bosco, Pietro Mastroberardino for Mastroberardino and Valentina Argiolas for Argiolas .

In the same year we open our wonderful second Aksari Villa resort in Ubud (Bali), currently first in all national rankings as an accommodation facility.



Striving in the Storm


2020 is the year the whole world is experiencing the impact of a new Covid-19 pandemic and learning to live in the new environment. 

Since China is quick to take the situation under control and normal operations of the offices are resumed quite quickly, Interprocom continued its work aiming at maintaining our relationships with key clients and developing the market further. Despite the impact on the F&B and travel industries, our annual sales in 2020 still enjoy a 1% growth compared to the pre-Covid 2019.

In 2021, setting course on the new victories, Interprocom successfully launches major industry events, such as a charity-aimed Interprocom Stars event and an Italian wine expert tasting event - I Grandi Cru d'Italia.

During this period, we also create Aladino E-commerce and Digital Media Agency aimed at helping international brands in F&B and other industries.


New Identity, New Journey 

2022 is the year that celebrates a key milestones in our journey - Interprocom's 10-year anniversary in China.

Determined to reach new heights, we re-imagine our brand identity and set the foundation to embark onto an even more fascinating decade ahead.

During this year, we also extend our operations into F&B industry by launching not one but 3 successful Italian and Spanish cuisine restaurants in Shenzhen.

Interprocom logo 蒂维妮酒业
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