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  • What do DOCG and DOC mean?
    DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin) and DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) are recognitions that are attributed to quality wines produced in a specific geographical area with grapes coming exclusively from that area in compliance with a specific disciplinary production.
  • What does IGT mean?
    IGT (Typical Geographical Indication) means that the wine has qualities, notoriety or other specific characteristics attributable to a geographical area. The grapes must come from at least 85% of this area. The production disciplinary of IGT wines is less restrictive than DOC and DOCG wines. According to the new classification of wines, IGT wines are classified within the category of IGP wines (Protected Geographical Indication).
  • What does "table wine" mean?
    Table wine is a wine without DOC / IGT specifications that does not have a specific link with the territory. With the new legislation table wines are now classified as generic / community wines or varietal wines if the use of specific vines is claimed.
  • Is it necessary to indicate on the label the vintage of production of the grapes?
    Only for DOP wines (DOC and DOCG), which are not fizzy, sparkling or liqueur wines.
  • Is it necessary to indicate on the label the presence of allergens?
    Yes, for all types of wine on the label must be reported the presence of sulfites / sulphites / sulfur dioxide.
  • What is meant by alcohol content?
    By alcoholic strength, we mean the measurement of the ethanol content in an alcoholic beverage and represents the number of parts by volume of pure alcohol at a temperature of 20 ° C contained in one hundred parts volume of the product considered at the same temperature.
  • Should the alcoholic strength be indicated on the label?
    Yes, the indication of the actual alcoholic strength is necessary.
  • Is it necessary to indicate the origin on the label?
    Yes, it is mandatory. All wines, dop and igp and all the others must indicate on the label the name of the Member State where the wine has been produced.
  • What does "Riserva" mean?
    The Riserva specification is attributed to DOC and DOCG wines that have undergone an aging period not lower than: - two years for red wines - one year for white wines -one year for sparkling wines with method of fermentation in autoclave martinotti / charmat method -3 years for sparkling wines obtained with natural refermentation in the bottle, such as Franciacorta DOCG wine
  • What does the term "Superiore" mean?
    The Superiore specification is given to DOP wines (DOCG and DOC), with higher quality characteristics deriving from a more restrictive production regulation for vines and wines.
  • How do I contact Interprocom Cantine Divine?
    Please fill out our contact from or leave your contact information and your questions in this chat, we will get back to you in no time.
  • Are the wines available for sale online?
    Interprocom is an Italian wine importer in China. Some of our wines are available online (, Taobao, Tmall, while others are only available through our offline channel. Leave us a message with your contact information and our sales representative will get in touch to let you know how the wines can be purchased.
  • What are the wine prices?
    Interprocom's portfolio has over 600 items of different price ranges. Please leave us a message and let us know which wine you'd like to get a quotation for and your contact details. Our sales representative will reach out to share the relevant information with you shortly.
  • Where can I taste the wines?
    Our tasting locations are available at Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, please fill out our Tasting Appointment form (Contact Us-Book a Tasting) and we will get back to you to schedule a tasting appointment.
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