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Become a Member

Enroll in our 'Interprocom Stars' Loyalty program

Gain 10 Points

Place an Order 

Every ¥500 value of order.

*Orders in July & October will receive double the points. 

Gain 1 point

Engage with Us

Forward, Like or Comment on Interprocom Official WeChat Account Post

Gain 2 points

Refer a Client

Refer a client to us

Gain 10 points

How to earn points

Work with Us

Join our events or project as a guest speaker or provide services to us

Gain 5 points

Offer Feedback

Fill out a post-event survey or offer ideas for improvement

Gain 2 points

Place an Order

Within 3 days of attending our event, place an order for the wines tasted at the event.

Gain 5 points

Bring a Friend

Refer a potential client to join our event

Gain 2 points

How to collect points


Join the 'Interprocom Stars' Loyalty Program today and unlock a world of exclusive benefits! Sign up now to become a valued member and enjoy special perks tailored just for you.


Accumulate points by completing the tasks above. Notify your account manager or contact our customer service once you've finished the tasks. Your earned points will be reflected in your Program Membership Account for your convenience.


Claim your rewards at the year-end by reaching out to your account manager or contacting our customer service. Ensure you don't miss out—unredeemed points will automatically expire on December 31st.

Points are accumulated on an annual basis and expire on December 31st of each year. 

VIP Awards

  • Clients reaching 2000 points will enjoy an exclusive 1% cash rebate on their purchase amount along with an enticing 7-day winery trip in Italy—a truly unforgettable experience.

  • For those accumulating 1000 points, a generous 1% cash rebate on the purchase amount awaits, accompanied by a delightful 2-night resort package in Bali.

Other Awards

  • Clients with 700 points will receive a 1% cash rebate on the purchase amount, a sophisticated Coravin, a 1.5L bottle of fine wine*, and an exclusive 10% discount on their January purchase.

  • Reaching 500 points entitles clients to a coveted Coravin, a 750ml bottle of exquisite wine*, and an enticing 5% discount on their January purchase.

  • With 300 points, clients will be presented with a 750ml bottle of premium wine* and a tempting 2% discount for their January purchase.

  • Accumulating 200 points ensures clients receive a 750ml bottle of fine wine* and a valuable 1% discount on their January purchase.

  • Clients achieving 160 points will be rewarded with a set of Silvio Carta spirits and an exclusive Interprocom gadget, with several options available for them to choose from. 

*Several options for wine will be provided for clients to choose from.

Special Awards for On-trade Category 

  • On-trade clients amassing 200 points will be bestowed with a prestigious set comprising a Coravin, one wine dinner/tasting business, one wine tasting lecture (open to the public), and two restaurant trainings.

  • On-trade clients accumulating 160 points, a comprehensive reward package awaits, including one wine dinner/tasting business, one wine tasting lecture (open to the public), and one restaurant training. 

  • On-trade clients reaching 80 points will receive a rewarding package consisting of one wine tasting lecture (open to the public) and one restaurant training.

* Interprocom reserves the right of final interpretation.

Your journey to stardom begins now. Engage in the synergy of success, amplify your presence, and watch as your loyalty points ascend like constellations in the night sky.

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