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Silvio Carta Vermouth Mazzini

Raw material: Vermentino white wine,elicriso,Desoleana sage,myrtle leaf,thyme,artemisia,mastic


Alcohol: 18% Vol


Distillation Method: A Vermouth made with a base of Vermentino white wine, and infused with elicriso, Desoleana sage,myrtle leaf,thyme,artemisia and mastic.
All them are endemic plant from Sardinia. Hand-picked on our botanical garden, at the optimal time and infused within minutes of harvest.


Colour: Very intense amber color, with ruby reflections

Bouquet: Inebriates the nose with the sweet fruity scents of raisins, figs in jam and dates, together with vegetable notes of mountain herbs and spices, among which star anise and cinnamon stand out. all on a soft and enveloping vanilla background.


Taste: And vanilla is the undisputed protagonist of the tasting, in a perfect framework of softness, structure and taste finesse, with a refined, rich and very greedy taste in the long persistence of orange peel.

Silvio Carta Vermouth Mazzini

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