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Silvio Carta Vermouth di Sardegna 750ML/100ML

Raw material: Vernaccia wine


Alcohol: 18% Vol


Distillation Method: A technique not used by many wine makers anymore (oak barrels are less porous). Inside the barrel, the wine is exposed to oxygen and a lyre of "Flor" yeast develops on top of the liquid (similar to Sherry). As it has ages, the wine's flavours become more complex and concentrated, and the alcohol level increased.


Colour:Dark red

Bouquet: Aromas of the maquis such as rosemary, bay leaves, pine needles, resins and pinenuts, on a delicate sea breeze background.

Taste:Intense,soft and round,in perfect balance with the alcohol note.Rich after taste,with scents of herbs and ripe fruits, and a clean, firm ending that carries along mineral trail.

Silvio Carta Vermouth di Sardegna 750ML/100ML

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