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Silvio Carta Liquore di Limone 1L

Raw material: lemon


Alcohol: 28% Vol


Distillation Method: Made with the finest lemons which are born in our lands. Those with an elongated shape and thick skin,characterized by a beautiful bright yellow color,the primary and fundamental ingredient for the preparation of this liquor.
Produced exclusively from the skillful infusion of lemon peels,with alcohol and sugar,this highly aromatic and delicately sweet liqueur has become an integral part of our tradition.
LIMONE and juice


Colour: Beautiful lemon yellow color

Bouquet: Intense and refined aromas of lemon zest

Taste: Sweet, moderately warm, soft and fragrant, it invites one sip after another thanks to a nice citrus persistence.

Silvio Carta Liquore di Limone 1L

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