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Silvio Carta Grappa Invecchiata

Raw material: grape marcs of Vermentino and Cannonau wine


Alcohol: 42% Vol


Distillation Method: It is obtained from an accurate distillation of selected and destalked pomace in a steam still from the 1984, with the elimination of heads and tails, which allows the selection of the purest part of grappa:the heart. and a long ageing process in refined Sardinian chestnut barrels (3 years), some of which are over 100 years old

Colour: Intense amber

Bouquet:The nose is generous,where dried fruit is tinged with olfactory nuances that recall vanilla,toasted wood, honey,dried and red fruit,licorice and noble woods


Taste: soft and flora with notes of almond and green apple which soften into a slight scent of vanilla and chocolate, soft,warm,elegant and velvety,with long persistence.

Silvio Carta Grappa Invecchiata

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