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Silvio Carta Gin Gillo 1L

Raw material: Juniper berries


Alcohol: 33% Vol


Distillation Method: Reception of juniper berries;self-certification check, visual check. Cleaning of the berries.Juniper berries,water and alcohol from molasses, dosage, infusion of the juniper berries with alcohol from molasses, after 20 days it will be distilled. Final dosage,filtration,bottling.


Colour: Clear and transparent.

Bouquet: On the nose it smells of lavender and lime, together with typical notes of juniper and the citrus and citrus part clearly visible in the background.


Taste: The flavor is balanced, spicy and floral but firmly attached to its gin roots,with a typical and very long juniper finish.

Silvio Carta Gin Gillo 1L

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