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Silvio Carta Brandy XO

Raw material: Distillate of Trebbiano wine aged for 3 years


Alcohol: 42% Vol


Distillation Method: Discontinuous with lead and tail cutting, in copper steam stills. In the end of distillation, only the central part is used and therefore placed to age in small Sardinian chestnut barrels some which are over 100 years old.

Colour: Intense amber

Bouquet:They range from sweet spices to more pungent ones, passing through hints of coffee, memories of roots and more tannic aromas such as walnuts and rhubarb.Vanilla finish.


Taste: Articulated to the taste, almost liqueur, cinnamon and cloves with a touch of orange,it closes with a persistence of bitter almond.

Silvio Carta Brandy XO

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