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Masseria Doppio Passo Cuvée 17 VDT

Grape Variety: montepulciano,negroamaro,lambrusco


Alcohol: 17% Vol


Vinification: The grapes are not immediately harvested when they reach maturity,but instead left on the vine for a few days. During this over-ripening process,monitored and overseen by the oenologists, the concentration of extracts,anthocyanins and the accumulation of sugars increase so as to create a wine withgreat structure,color and a higher alcohol content.Once harvested,the clusters are divided into two batches. The first batch ismacerated in the traditional method at a controlled temperature for 15/20 days inorder to extract all the noble substances from the grapes. The second batch isfermented at low temperatures,12/14℃,to emphasize the fruity sensations. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentations take place in barrels at a controlled temperature of about 25℃.


Colour:Intense,deep red with purple hues


Bouquet: An immediate and complex bouquet that opens with fruity notes of small red berries and jam that evolves, with oxygenation, into spicy notes with hints of vanilla

Taste: Velvety, it fills the palate with roundness. Broad and complex, the initial red fruit notes give way to spices and sweeter sensations, hints of vanilla. The tannins are soft and perfectly balanced in the long and persistent finish

Masseria Doppio Passo Cuvée 17 VDT

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