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Masseria Doppio Passo Cuvée 16 VDT

Grape Variety: Negroamaro,Primitivo


Alcohol: 16% Vol


Vinification: The drying process occurs in the vineyard, by cutting thebranch and leaving the grapes on the plant for 25/30 days. During this longripening stage, grapes lose 40% of their weight but increase their sugar concentration and anthocyanins content,acquiring part of their structure.The handpicked grapes are pressed and fermentation begins. The peels areleft in the must during fermentation in order to extract aromas and color. The wine thus obtained is aged for at least nine months in new woodbarrels: 70% of this wood comes from American oaks, which typically growfast and have higher oxygen permeability, thus enhancing the varietal characteristics of Primitivo. The remaining 30% is French wood from slowgrowing oaks, therefore not very permeable to oxygen, however ideal toexalt the typicality of Negroamaro during aging.

Colour: Deep, bright red with purple nuances


Bouquet: A penetrating bouquet, it opens with fruity aromas and red berry jam flavors evolving into a palate of spices and tobacco


Taste: Rich and dense with well-defined tannins, balanced with a natural roundness. Its velvety elegance is fully revealed in the finish

Masseria Doppio Passo Cuvée 16 VDT

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