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Masseria Doppio Passo Appassimento Puglia Rosso IGT

Grape Variety: Negroamaro,Malvasia,Merlot


Alcohol: 14.5% Vol


Vinification: At the beginning of October the perfect ripeness  of the grapes is reached and winemaking process starts from the vine. The withering process takes place in the vineyard by sere italianie molto di pire cutting the petiole of grapes but leaving them on the vine for about 15 days, during this period the 50% of their weight masoprattutto-creationita diberesdicessere vaporizes. The drying gives to the wines the typical notes of ripe fruits,such as plums and raisins.The hand-picked grapes are pressed and the fermentation starts. The skins are left on the must for a long period to extract flavours and the characteristic red colour. Subsequently the wine is left barrels for about 3 or 4 month; this aging gives the pleasant notes of spices and vanilla.


Colour: Intense purple colour, tending to amber with ageing


Bouquet:Full and persistent at the nose


Taste: Full body and well-balanced on the palate, this wine has a perfect balance between soft tannins and acidity

Masseria Doppio Passo Appassimento Puglia Rosso IGT

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