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Maschio Cadoro Prosecco DOC Demi-sec

Grape Variety: Glera


Alcohol content: 8.5%Vol


Vinification: Harvested manually, anticipating the physiological maturation to preserve its acidity, the grapes are immediately pressed and softly pressed to extract the first-pressing must. Then follows the alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16-18 ℃ to obtain the base wine, which is kept at a low temperature to avoid the malolactic fermentation. This base wine will then be fermented in the autoclave again for "presa di spuma" after adding must of the same variety, for about a month until reaching a pressure of 5 bars. Since Prosecco is an aromatic wine, refermentation in the bottle is not recommended, where the scent of yeast would cover the aromaticity.


Colour: Light straw yellow with a lively mousse.


Bouquet: Floral and fruity with hints of apple and pear. 


Taste: Soft, persistent and harmonious thanks to a good balance between sugars and a pleasant acidity. 

Maschio Cadoro Prosecco DOC Demi-sec

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