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Livio Felluga Sauvignon Potentilla Friuli DOC

Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc


Alcohol content: 13%Vol


Vinification: The harvest took place on 12th September. The handpicked grapes, placed in small crates, were destemmed and left to undergo maceration on the skins for a few hours. The wine was racked into 15-hectolitre casks towards the end of alcoholic fermentation, to permit proper temperature control. Malolactic fermentation took place over one month. Keeping the wine on the yeasts contributed to its creamy texture while barrel ageing enhanced its crispness and complexity. It is a Sauvignon DOC Friuli Colli Orientali.


Colour: Straw-yellow with greenish hues.


Bouquet: Markedly varietal varietal in its profile, the nose opens with hints of boxwood and jasmine. The vibrant, intense bouquet echoes sage, tropical fruits and gunflint, blending beautifully with citrus hints and petrichor. Dynamic and confident development with gooseberries and elderflowers, and delicate sweet balsamic notes in the background.


Taste: A marked tanginess is enhanced by well-balanced tartness. Hugely stylish on the palate with clear, firm texture. A delicious and long-lasting flavour full of fresh mineral sensations.

Livio Felluga Sauvignon Potentilla Friuli DOC

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