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Riunite & CIV Righi Lambrusco Emilia Amabile IGT

Grape Variety: Lambrusco Salamino,Lambrusco Grasparossa


Alcohol: 7.5% Vol


Vinification:The grapes are vinified in red with a maceration of 3-5 days and the must ferments slowly at a temperature of 18-25℃ with selected yeasts. A part of must, filtered sweet, is left in refrigerated tanks at a temperature of 0℃. Subsequently the Lambrusco wine with its relative sweet filtrate is placed in an autoclave for the second fermentation and "presa di spuma". Once the desired pressure and residual sugar are obtained, the sparkling wine follows the bottling.

Colour: Bright ruby red with a lively and persistent mousse


Bouquet: Vinous, lightly fruity

Taste:Fresh,well-balanced,lively,flavourful and of medium

Riunite & CIV Righi Lambrusco Emilia Amabile IGT

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