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Casale del Giglio Cabernet Sauvignon IGT

Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon


Alcohol: 14% Vol


Vinification:calls for the repeated punching down of the cap to maximise the extraction of the polyphenolic compounds and colour components which will give the finished wine its distinctive style. When fermentation is over, the new wine is left in contact with the skins for a few more days to allow the alcohol to extract their finer tannins. As the new wine is carefully drawn off into stainless steel vats for malolactic fermentation, the colour,tannins and aromas still present in the fermented skins are extracted in the soft press to which they are gently driven by force of natural gravity alone.Once stabilized, the wine matures in small oak casks for 18-20 months, followed by 8-12 months in the bottle.


Colour: Deep ruby red


Bouquet:Raspberry,blackcurrant and black cherry followed by balsamic, earthy notes of juniper and moss make for an intriguing nose.

Taste: The mouthfeel is smooth and rich, the tannins stylish, the finish complex.

Casale del Giglio Cabernet Sauvignon IGT

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