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Canti Prosecco DOC 750ML/200ML

Grape Variety: Glera


Alcohol: 11% Vol


Vinification:The winemaking process begins with a soft pressing of whole cluster which has been harvested by hand. We use the flotation system to clean the must, a fast method which avoids any uncontrolled fermentation. Then we proceed with the alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature.The best wine bases are selected to produce our sparkling wines, we put them in the stainless steel pressure tanks and start the sparkling winemaking process for a minimum period of 45 days. Then the wine is filtered and bottled.


Colour: Light straw yellow

Bouquet: pleasant, characteristic and aromatic.


Taste: Dry and pleasantly fruity.

Canti Prosecco DOC 750ML/200ML

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