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Canti Pinot Grigio Pavia DOC 750ML/250ML

Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio


Alcohol: 12% Vol


Vinification:The grapes,harvested when ripe,are
transported to the cellar and pressed.The must with the marcs is subjected to soft pressing to eliminate all the skins. The drained must obtained, suitably clarified, is
placed in stainless steel tanks for alcoholic fermentation.
Fermentation, which takes place at a con-trolled temperature(max 18℃.),Lasts for one or two weeks. At the end of fermentation, the wine obtained is
centrifuged,filtered,cooled and stored in
thermo-conditioned tanks.After cold stabilization
and a second clarification, the wine can be filtered,
microfiltered (to eliminate microorganisms) and finally bottled with the addition of SO2.

Colour: Intense straw yellow with greenish reflections.


Bouquet: Distinctive, fresh and intense, slightly fruity.


Taste:Dry,soft and well balanced with apple-citrus flavors.

Canti Pinot Grigio Pavia DOC 750ML/250ML

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