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Canti Merlot Sicilia IGT 750ML/250ML

Grape Variety: Merlot


Alcohol: 13% Vol


Vinification:The grapes,harvested when ripe,are transported to the cellar, crushed and de-stemmed. The must with the skins is placed in stainless steel fermenters where it can begin to ferment. The fermenting wine will extract the coloring matter, the tannins and the aromatic substances from the skins. The fermen-tation of a red wine is carried out at temperatures of 28-30℃,In order to extract as much noble substances as possible from the skins. After cold stabilization,clarification and filtration, the wine will be ready for bottling.


Colour: Intense red.

Bouquet: Rich with scents of ripe fruit.


Taste: Full and soft.

Canti Merlot Sicilia IGT 750ML/250ML

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