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We've Changed Our Logo

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

With company entering a new stage,

Interprocom is announcing new branding and logo today!

Interprocom’s new logo and visual identity are inspired by its core beliefs and values – to deliver quality Italian wines to the Chinese market and spread the message about the variety, complexity, and craftmanship involved in Italian winemaking, which is deeply rooted in Italian culture and traditions.

The iconic rounded shape of the logo with a wine-drop design represents the timeless gesture of the wine pouring and our key message: “Best to the last drop” – Interprocom vows to do the best in every aspect of our business operations, including the meticulous wine-selection, brand promotion, event organization, and delivering high-quality services to our clients.

The new logo is simple, modern, and elegant conveying class typical of the Italian culture, the long-lasting presence, trust and authority in the industry balanced by an innovative approach we apply in all our undertakings.

Ten Years of Passion in the Vein

Interprocom was founded in 2012 with the mission of exploiting the growing demand for Italian wine in China through a consolidated and highly efficient corporate structure to promote Italian wine excellence throughout the whole Chinese territory.

Today, "Interprocom Wine Platform" currently acquired 40 Italian wineries including big winemaking groups and legendary wine families.

We maintain long-term and close partnership with many prestigious wineries so that Interprocom can ensure the noble quality of products, right from the source.

Enthusiasm, passion, and excellent service have provided a strong support for the brand to stand in the market.

We are also moving towards the vision of "Become the benchmark for the import of Italian wines in China."

Interprocom CEO, Alessandro Mugnano:

“This year our company has entered a new decade of development in China.

Since the founding of our China Headquarters in 2012, Interprocom has experienced tremendous growth. We’ve become a trusted partner of international hotels, Micheline-starred restaurants, distributors all over China as well as world-renowned companies and brands.

Our journey started a little over 10 years ago with a vision of bringing the best that Italy can offer in terms of wines and culture to the Chinese market. Over the years, we have collected the best Italian wineries and wines into one single exclusive portfolio.

Today, our expertise, scope of services and quality of products have reached new heights and we are ready to explore new dimensions and depths of the Chinese wine market with our new refreshed identity and outlook.

We’re excited and proud to announce our new branding and logo. It marks the next phase in our journey and a new opportunity to surprise the Chinese wine-lovers with an amazing wine selection.”

Sincere Collaboration with Excellence

Our mission is to open the doors of the world's largest consumer market to our partners, following them step by step meeting the wine demand of Chinese consumers.

Interprocom's partners also express their best wishes to brand refresh:

“Interprocom is Energetic, trustable and always supporting, my call for Italian wines!”

- Emanuele Restelli,Da Vittorio Sommelier

“Interprocom has one of the best Italian portfolio in town, accompanied with the most friendliest service! Amazing artwork on the new logo, bravo!”

- Ervin Ong,8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana Sommelier

" I think the new logo is clever, it looks like wine coming out the bottle.”

- Dale Parkington,Ritz Carlton Guangzhou, General Manager

" I like “less is more”, the new logo is more minimalist and cleaner. It seems wine being poured from a bottle. Great job!"

- Filippo Sanchi, Rosewood Hotel, Guangzhou Beverage Manager

“I quite like it. Very simple, very clean, very unique recalls the business and the wine. I like it much more than the previous one.”

- Umberto Sorrentino, Good Fellas Manager

“Here is to the fantastic Interprocom family, wishing you all the best and many more successes in the years ahead”

- Opera Bombana Team

Interprocom is the expert of Italian wine.

We present the essence of traditional Italian wine in its purest and most elegant way.

Even with the refreshed brand logo, Interprocom always stays true to its mission.

Next, let’s create new chapters together!


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