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Interprocom Group

Interprocom Group is an Italian wine brand co-owner and the largest professional Italian wine importer in China with a luxury winery portfolio that covers all the 20 Italian regions and offers a wide selection of wines produced from both local and international grapes.


Our long-term cooperation partners include Gucci, Bulgari Hotels, Armani, Rosewood, Brioni, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Ritz-Carlton, etc.


We guide our clients through the choice of the best opportunities available in the Italian regions, based on their individual needs and strategic objectives, suggesting ways and products to optimize their sales. 

Interprocom strives to ensure the long-term success and development of its Winery Partners in China

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Our Clients

Interprocom works with a variety of clients from multiple industries from top wine distributors to luxury brands and corporate entities.

We focus on delivering customized services such as wine list curation, event planning and management, corporate wine tastings and strategic council on corporate wine usage, etc.

We also create opportunities for co-branding between the wineries in our portfolio and brands from various industries.

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