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  • Viaggio nel Tempo | Interprocom

    Un Viaggio nel Tempo A Voyage Through Time Discover the great historical moments that distinguish Interprocom's partners 1929 Marchesi di Barolo, the world's first bottle of Barolo One of the greatest exponents of Barolo was Pietro Abbona, also recognized as the patriarch of Barolo, making this wine recognized throughout the world and represented with his labels the castles of Barolo and Serralunga. For 6 generations the Abbona family has continued the tradition with the same passion, the historic barrels are still kept in the cellar, and they reinterpret a wine with an incredible story in a modern key. 1979 Borgogno, record sales figure for a single Barolo bottle A bottle of 1886 vintage Borgogno Barolo goes under the hammer at the historical wine auction held in Turin for the sum of 530.000 liras. An absolute record for the time and the highest figure ever reached by any Italian wine. 2020 Donnafugata and D&G The wines born from the partnership between Dolce&Gabbana and Donnafugata in 2020 express the attention to detail and unconditional love for Sicily, perfect expressions of two excellences of Made in Italy. The pleasure of the family gathering at the table and the conviviality that survives even in this delicate moment: Dolce&Gabbana and Donnafugata renew their collaboration giving life to Rosa, an unprecedented rosé wine with a fruity and floral personality. ​ A message of common positivity and rebirth, starting from one's roots: Sicily. ​ Love for their native land, attention to detail and craftsmanship: united by the desire to make the colors, scents and history of Sicilian culture known to every corner of the world, these two Made in Italy excellences strengthen their partnership in the name of the tradition and know-how of the Bel Paese. 2008 The Ca' del Bosco Method The “Berry Spa”: an exclusive grape washing and drying system is operational since the 2008 harvest and is created to better eliminate unwanted microorganisms, fine dust and residues of agricultural treatments from the grapes. From the pressing of these grapes, wine that are purer, more intense and endowed with the maximum aromatic expression are born. Thanks to this process, the potential of the soils and character of the grapes are thus enhanced, restoring a recognizable style faithful to the terroir. ​ Ca'del Bosco was the first to use a special capping machine, designed directly by them and patented in November 2005, which eliminates oxygen before capping. By carrying out the disgorgement in the absence of oxygen, the presence of sulphides can be greatly reduced. One of the aspects we care most about and which makes their Franciacortas healthier, longer -lived. 2001 The Museum of Primitivo Wine In Manduria, the Museum of the civilization of Primitivo wine, located inside the Cantina Produttori di Manduria, was born with a strong vocation for memory, that is, from the desire not to lose track of a cultural world that was perceived as profound transformation, and therefore at risk of oblivion. The Museum of Primitivo wine civilization tells us about a past world, but it does so for today, because it is today that we remember, or in some cases discover, different and new ways of living and thinking. The Museum thus becomes a bridge between the past and the present of agriculture, winemaking and a whole world marked by the rhythm of the gestures of the farmers of yesterday and today. 1888 Biondi-Santi presents the first Brunello di Montalcino Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino is undoubtedly one of the most representative wines of Italian enology in the world. ​ The birth of Brunello di Montalcino is inextricably linked to the Biondi - Santi dynasty, a family from Montalcino, in which in 1820 a gentleman named Clemente Santi, who was a pharmacist, a chemist and a farmer, began experimenting with Sangiovese Grosso vines. ​ Produced for the first time in 1888 The Biondi-Santi reserve is the first Brunello in history, since 1888 the first vintage of Brunello in history, Biondi-Santi has continued to produce wines renowned for their elegance and extraordinary longevity. In 1994, Franco Biondi Santi organized, in the presence of numerous 'experts' (sommeliers, oenologists and journalists), a vertical which included the famous first vintage, that of 1888: well, after more than a century in the cellar, this Brunello it was even more than enjoyable.

  • Our Milestones | Interprocom

    Our Milestones Interprocom's history is fairly recent, yet the number of milestones and successful undertakings we were able to achieve during this relatively short period of time is something we are truly proud of. ​ We invite you to travel through Interprocom's Time Capsule with us and explore the key events that made it all possible. 2007 Interprocom is Born Interprocom is born in Naples from the idea of 4 very young Neapolitan entrepreneurs who want to totally change the Chinese wine market rules. Their goal is to enhance their country beyond the borders, hence the choice to export one of the most appreciated Italian excellences in the world: wine. To date, Interprocom is the largest importer and distributor of Italian wine in China and exclusively represents more than 50 prestigious names in the Italian wine scene. 2012 Landed in Shenzhen This is the year Interprocom Cantine Divine headquarters opens in Shenzhen. From here the first imports, trade fairs and collaborations begin and it is also here that the idea of creating a first line of wines under the name: CANTINE DIVINE is born. Same year, Shenzhen sees the opening of our first temperature-controlled warehouse, which now has over 650 items. 2014 Gaining Momentum The Interprocom Wine Platform concept is created with the mission of helping brands (even well-known in Italy) to penetrate the Chinese market by strengthening their brand awareness, building distribution channels and launching their operations in China. 2016 Branching out Interprocom begins its expansion by opening its first branch office in Beijing. ​ Opening in the capital is highly significant in terms of growth for the company allowing for more widespread market coverage, even here in Beijing we have a warehouse. Later that same year, we opened our first resort in Bali Seminyak: Aksari Villa. 2017 Shanghai is calling Interprocom opens its second branch office in Shanghai, this certainly represents one of the most important milestones. In fact, opening in the commercial capital and in the most international city of China represented a real 360-degree showcase allowing the inclusion of our wines in some important realities in the horeca sector including prestigious names such as the best known starred restaurants in the world and 5-star hotels, which see our wines listed and present both à la carte and by glass. 2018 The Year of Great Achievement We reach one of the most significant records by importing over 100 40"-containers of Italian wine in just one year, a feat never achieved by anyone in the wine sector before that moment. ​ In the same year, Interprocom was also nominated for the PANDA D'ORO, a prestigious award dedicated to the most important and most successful Italian companies that produce value in China. As anticipated, 2018 is definitely the year of turning point and of great results. In fact, Interprocom has been awarded as the Best Importer of Italian Wine in China for 4 consecutive years starting from 2018. 2019 Interprocom Excellences Interprocom opens the fourth office in Guangzhou, defined as one of the most important cities in mainland China known as "first tier". ​ In 2019 we also create 'The Interprocom Excellences' format where the owners of 4 of the most renowned Italian wineries are present, also present in the "Grandi Marchi". We had the pleasure of hosting for the occasion: Antonio Rallo for Donnafugata, Maurizio Zanella for Ca'del Bosco, Pietro Mastroberardino for Mastroberardino and Valentina Argiolas for Argiolas . ​ In the same year we open our wonderful second Aksari Villa resort in Ubud (Bali), currently first in all national rankings as an accommodation facility. 2020-2021 Striving in the Storm 2020 is the year the whole world is experiencing the impact of a new Covid-19 pandemic and learning to live in the new environment. ​ Since China is quick to take the situation under control and normal operations of the offices are resumed quite quickly, Interprocom continued its work aiming at maintaining our relationships with key clients and developing the market further. Despite the impact on the F&B and travel industries, our annual sales in 2020 still enjoy a 1% growth compared to the pre-Covid 2019. ​ In 2021, setting course on the new victories, Interprocom successfully launches major industry events, such as a charity-aimed Interprocom Stars event and an Italian wine expert tasting event - I Grandi Cru d'Italia. ​ During this period, we also create Alawino E-commerce and Digital Media Agency aimed at helping international brands in F&B and other industries. 2022 New Identity, New Journey 2022 is the year that celebrates a key milestones in our journey - Interprocom's 10-year anniversary in China. ​ Determined to reach new heights, we re-imagine our brand identity and set the foundation to embark onto an even more fascinating decade ahead. ​ During this year, we also extend our operations into F&B industry by launching not one but 3 successful Italian and Spanish cuisine restaurants in Shenzhen.

  • 蒂维妮 Interprocom | 意大利顶级葡萄酒品牌

    我们的 故事 阅读更多 ​蒂维妮中国 是多个意大利葡萄酒品牌的联合拥有者,也是中国最大的专业意大利酒进口商。始终致力于将真正“意大利制造”的优质葡萄酒带到中国市场,专注于做有代表性的意大利佳酿。 ​ 经过多年的发展,如今的蒂维妮酒业独家代理意大利50多个知名酒庄的1000多个单品,包含意大利葡萄酒、利口酒、烈酒、啤酒、饮用水、咖啡等等多个品类产品。其中葡萄酒囊括全部意大利20个葡萄酒产区,以及各产区的知名酒庄(如Ca’ del Bosco, Donnafugata, Bertani, 等)和意大利典型葡萄品种酒款;同时在意大利运营蒂维妮自属的葡萄酒品牌。 ​ 销售网络覆盖中国30个省份以及各大国际知名五星酒店和餐厅(如丽思卡尔顿酒店、宝格丽酒店、香格里拉酒店等) 蒂维妮致力于确保其酒庄合作伙伴在中国的长期稳定发展和获得卓越的成就 50 + 酒庄数量 650 + ​产品数量 2022年 70 中国本地雇员数量 2022年 我们的合作伙伴 我们的合作伙伴包括:葡萄酒经销商批发商、大型企业客户、米其林餐厅、高端五星酒店以及时尚、珠宝、腕表等奢侈品。 ​ 我们不仅拥有丰富的葡萄酒款,同时我们也是众多知名酒庄在中国的独家代理商;库存常年保持在100万支以上的充足状态。除此之外,我们为奢侈品牌、大型企业的酒会、活动、官方酒单提供专业的咨询与策划。我们在与奢侈品牌的合作过程中不断地创新并开拓新的合作模式,实现了与奢侈品牌联名的跨界合作。 星级酒店 宝格丽酒店 丽思卡尔顿酒店 瑰丽酒店 四季酒店 ​ 米其林餐厅 Da Vittorio Otto e Mezzo Bombana Tai’an Table Bvlgari Il Ristorante ​ ​ 奢侈品牌&知名企业 杜嘉班纳 古驰 普拉达 伯爵 法拉利 阿斯顿·马丁 太古里集团 经销商 经销覆盖范围: 全国22个省 4个自治区 ​4个直辖市 ​ ​ ​



  • 馥奇达的杰出代表

    本季度,蒂维妮举办了一系列专业品鉴和酒会活动,专门介绍馥奇达最具创新性和最负盛名的酒庄:Ca'del Bosco博斯克。 活动分别在北京和上海宝格丽酒店举行,受邀者包括餐饮专业人士、米其林星级餐厅主厨、媒体和KOL。 由葡萄酒大师Cassidy Dart主讲的馥奇达大师班介绍了全球和中国起泡酒市场的最新发展情况,介绍了馥奇达产区以及Ca'del Bosco博斯克酒庄和品牌。 在品鉴环节,同时比较了 Annamaria Clementi、Cuveé Prestige 的不同年份,包括馥奇达Editizione 34。 这样的酒款选择让在场的嘉宾们可以再不同的年份中体验Ca'del Bosco 的不同风格,同时也看到了这些酒款的演变,感受到Franciacorta馥奇达和 Ca'del Bosco博斯克的独特魅力。 为了方便大家了解更详细的信息和知识,蒂维妮制作了一份专门的营销材料,这是一本简单但内容丰富的关于Franciacorta馥奇达的袖珍小册子,供每位参加活动的侍酒师和葡萄酒爱好者带走。 除了大师班,为展现品牌精神,加深观众印象,蒂维妮随后在北京和上海宝格丽酒店举办了两场博斯克主题酒会。 我们期待在未来能有更多的朋友了解蒂维妮,并加入我们举办的精彩活动中,了解更多我们的的优秀酒庄!

  • 意酒进口的“危”与“机”

    下文转载自英文《深圳日报》,作者:陈晓纯,视频和图片除特别说明外均由林建平拍摄制作。 作为一座魅力之都,深圳吸引着越来越多来自不同领域的外籍专业人士,他们在发展事业的同时也为城市的高质量发展做出贡献。 英文《深圳日报》推出高端外籍人士系列报道,让我们一起倾听他们的故事以及选择来深发展的理由。 Alessandro Mugnano(右)和Enrico Palmentieri接受英文《深圳日报》的专访。 这几位意大利企业家应该比大多数人都更能理解中文“危机”这一词的含义,尽管它相当于英文中的“crisis”一词,但中文里“危”表示危险,“机”表示机遇或转机。在中国古代哲学里,每一场危机背后都蕴藏着巨大的机遇。 38岁的Alessandro Mugnano和45岁的Enrico Palmentieri都来自意大利,他们不仅深谙其道,还将其充分付诸实践,并在事业上获得了巨大的成功。 2012年,他们与另外两位意大利合伙人Ivana Mugnano和Ferdinando Rizzo在深圳共同成立了蒂维妮酒业。成立以来,公司发展迅猛,自2018年起,就已经成为中国最大的意大利葡萄酒进口商。虽然近几年有新冠疫情,但公司在2020年还是实现了2%的同比增长,这一增幅在2021年则达到了21%。今年3月,他们还在蛇口开了一家意大利餐厅,生意也风生水起,并计划在9月底开另一家分店。 “我真的很喜欢中国文化,它教会了我很多策略。有时候,问题意味着困难,但也蕴藏着机会,这就是我从中国文化中学到的。”蒂维妮酒业的共同创始人及总经理Palmentieri说道。 Alessandro Mugnano和Palmentieri大约12年前来到深圳,原本计划把中国产品输出到意大利,而最终,他们做起了把意大利葡萄酒输入到中国的买卖。中国市场巨大,潜力无限。 “其实挺有趣的,因为一开始我们想着做外贸,把中国的一些好产品带去意大利。所以我们来这里是想寻找新产品,但结果我们却做起了葡萄酒生意。我们选择了深圳,因为我们很爱这座城市。”Palmentieri说道。 Enrico Palmentieri跟英文《深圳日报》分享他们的故事。 Mugnano是公司的共同创始人及首席执行官,对他来说,深圳是他在中国生活了很多年的第一座也是唯一一座城市。“我来这里是因为我想把‘意大利制造’带来中国市场,此外,我也想迎接一些新的挑战。我选择了深圳,因为在我看来,深圳是一座高速发展的城市,中国发展最快的其中一座城市。”他在接受英文《深圳日报》采访时说道。 十年前他们白手起家。目前,公司总部设在深圳,并在广州、上海和北京设有分公司。公司旗下有54个品牌的将近800款意大利葡萄酒。 “目前,我们拥有最多的独家代理的意大利葡萄酒品牌。我们的产品在中国30个省份销售。广东是我们销售最多的省份,实际上,我们的销售也是从广东这里做起的。我们的销售覆盖了整个广东省,因为我们在每一个城市都销售我们的产品。深圳市场发展很快,到目前为止,广东仍然是葡萄酒销售的主要省份。我们的其他主要销售市场还有上海、东北、四川、北京和广西。”Mugnano介绍说。 然而,从白手起家到成功,这一路走来并没有那么顺利。“我们遇到了成千上万的困难和问题,这些困难都可以写成一本书了。”两位受访者说。他们遇到的困难包括建立公司、在中国组建团队以及克服最近新冠疫情带来的不便等。 Alessandro Mugnano和员工交流。 其中一个主要的困难是,在公司成立之初,中国人很少听说意大利葡萄酒。“如果我们谈论10年前,那时候我们的大多数客户甚至不知道意大利产葡萄酒。他们印象中的意大利就是时尚和购物。所以,我们从零开始,让大家了解意大利葡萄酒的潜力和质量,以及意大利是世界上最大的葡萄酒生产国之一。”Mugnano解释说。 Palmentieri说,大约三年前,白葡萄酒在中国市场上不是很受欢迎,但现在,情况发生了改变。 “现在,我们喜欢的葡萄酒在中国也很受欢迎,卖得很好,因为我们可以接触到这里的市场,有机会跟人们进行交流。我们有多种方式接触到消费者。我们还与合作伙伴一起做一些B2C的活动,这样可以接触市场,了解市场的发展方向。现在,大家都很欣赏白葡萄酒、橙酒及其他种类的葡萄酒,这也意味着市场在不断变大。”Palmentieri补充说。 凭借强大的决心和毅力,他们公司在2018年成为了中国最大的意大利葡萄酒进口商,并一直保持至今。 “我还记得,2018年那年我们在深圳举办了一场盛大的庆典,庆祝我们首次在一年内进口了100个40英尺集装箱的葡萄酒到中国市场。然后从2018年开始,每一年我们都实现了增长。”Mugnano说。 Alessandro Mugnano和员工交流。 在过去的四五年时间里,中国葡萄酒市场在质量方面发生了很大的变化,产品的平均单价比五年前翻了三倍。“我们不仅销售量增长了很多,在质量方面也变得越来越好。在过去三年中,我们每年都进口180个40英尺集装箱的葡萄酒,这是意大利葡萄酒公司在中国的最大进口量。”Mugnano自豪地说。 疫情之下,业务增长 疫情给所有人都带来了影响,意大利葡萄酒进口商也不例外。 “疫情影响到一切,包括我们的日常社交生活。在最开始的时候,应对起来有点棘手,但与此同时,我们和团队一起开发了特定的策略来克服重重困难。” Mugnano说道。 疫情之下,他们的葡萄酒业务在2020年仍然实现了2%的同比增长,在2021年则实现了21%的同比增长。 Alessandro Mugnano在办公室。 “每场危机的背后,总是蕴藏着很多机会。所以,我们在此期间做的就是不断投资,加倍努力,并成为第一个抓住市场上所有新机会的人,这也是我们业务实现增长的原因。”Mugnano说道。 疫情期间,最受影响的一个方面就是餐饮酒店渠道。为此,他们公司制定了多样化的策略,并开拓了多个渠道。 Enrico Palmentieri(左)和Alessandro Mugnano在Il Faro意大利灯塔餐吧祝酒。 “像餐厅这样的渠道可能被迫关闭了,但在中国最大的优势之一是我们可以在许多其他渠道销售葡萄酒。在这期间,我们建立了我们的姐妹公司:啊啦叮酒业,专注于线上业务。现在所有主要的线上购物平台都有我们,之后我们又开始为意大利酒庄代运营中国本土的社交媒体渠道,包括微信、微博和小红书。这就是为什么我们能在如此短的时间内实现增长。”Mugnano解释说。 Palmentieri补充说,他们成功的另一个关键因素是投入了大量的资金来提升团队的销售技能。他们还在6月8日成功地再次举办了一次大型的葡萄酒品鉴会。 (左起)Enrico Palmentieri、Diego Di Costanzo和Alessandro Mugnano在Il Faro意大利灯塔餐吧合影。 除了葡萄酒业务持续增长,受厨师Diego Di Costanzo之邀,他们还携手将那不勒斯三代传承的意大利餐厅品牌带到了深圳,于3月在蛇口开设了一家名为Il Faro意大利灯塔餐吧。餐厅提供正宗的意大利披萨和其他令人垂涎的意大利美食。 Diego Di Costanzo准备好了一个披萨。 好巧不巧,受疫情影响,深圳3月份实行全市静默一周,餐厅就在此前一天开业。“所以,我们等了几个星期,在这期间开始送外卖,后来,两三个星期后,在4月份我们开放了堂食服务。我不得不说,由于很多朋友和顾客的支持,我们的生意运营良好,对此我们非常满意。”Mugnano说。 随着餐厅的成功,Mugnano和他的合伙人正计划在本月底在罗湖开设另一家分店。 对中国市场有双倍的信心 2019年Mugnano接受英文《深圳日报》采访时说,中国就是未来。三年后的今天,这位意大利企业家再次表达了他对中国市场的十足信心。 “现在到了2022年,我很高兴地告诉你们,相比2019年,我对中国市场有了双倍的信心。这个国家疫情防控和经济发展两手抓的做法给我们留下了深深的印象,世界上很多国家可能要花好几年的时间才能真的从疫情中恢复过来。中国以最快的方式做到了这一点,这给我们带来了很大的信心,让我们去发展并抓住这个市场给我们带来的所有新机会。”Mugnano说。 对他们来说,公司的发展速度就是深圳速度的缩影。“深圳是一座年轻的活力之都,发展速度极快。我还记得12年前的深圳,那时的深圳跟今天的深圳相差很大。我很荣幸能够来到深圳。”Mugnano说道。 对Palmentieri来说,深圳是一座每个公司都想到来的城市。“我觉得,深圳是一个人们可以和梦想一起成长的地方。这里的人们来自五湖四海,不仅来自中国各地,也来自世界各地。我们现在在深圳,也很希望能够也一直留在这里成长。我们真的相信中国市场,我们真的相信深圳,我们真的相信中国。”他补充说。 未来,他们希望稳居中国最大意大利葡萄酒进口商的地位。“现在我们的目标是保持多年的第一,这是最困难的事情。因为每个人都可以做到第一,但要保持多年的第一,保持稳定,并连续多年引领市场是很难的。”Mugnano说。 采访视频:

  • 蒂维妮精彩活动 | 碧安帝山迪味觉体验

    2022年的秋季,尽管国内局部疫情严重,很多人取消了行程,活动也会推迟举办,但蒂维妮还是按计划与碧安帝山迪酒庄一起举办了一系列令人难忘的独家活动。 精彩的“碧安帝山迪味觉体验”被我们带到了深圳和北京,并成功举办了碧安帝山迪主打酒款的垂直年份品鉴会。 我们有幸与米其林大厨、媒体朋友和我们的重要嘉宾一起体验了碧安帝山迪的独特之处。 酒款从 1985 年份到 2016 年份,碧安帝山迪系列酒款与中国和国际美食相得益彰,整场品鉴会是一段美妙舌尖之旅。 碧安帝山迪首席执行官 Giampiero Bertolini 参加了此次活动,通过直播问候我们的客人,并亲自分享了碧安帝山迪家族的历史、所品尝的葡萄酒和年份的特殊性以及酒庄的未来发展方向:将致力于实现其酿酒工艺背后的技术现代化,同时保留葡萄酒优雅和标志性的 DNA。 关于碧安帝山迪 当人们谈论世界上最昂贵的葡萄酒时,碧安帝山迪经常出现在榜单上。 碧安帝山迪是意大利葡萄酒界最著名的品牌之一,也是为数不多的拥有百年历史的意大利葡萄酒庄园。 布鲁奈罗最早于1888年由碧安帝山迪酿造,是历史上第一款布鲁奈罗。 即使在今天,当碧安帝山迪最知名的葡萄园 Tenuta Greppo 发布新年份的珍藏款时,全球各地都会庆祝这一重大喜讯。碧安帝山迪珍稀款布鲁奈罗以其非凡的陈年能力而闻名,从 1888 年至今仅发行了 40 次,而且每次的产量都极为有限。 珍藏款只使用来自树龄超过 25 年的老藤的葡萄酿造。 在 Tenuta Greppo 葡萄园酒窖的中央,有一间与世隔绝的暗室,专门用于珍藏这些珍贵的酒款。它是酒庄的“历史”,碧安帝山迪在这里精心存放了每个年份的珍藏款布鲁奈罗,这亦然是一个布鲁奈罗博物馆。 “历史”是一个神秘的地方,瓶子整齐地堆放在按年份划分的小格子里,没有特殊包装,只涂了一些蜂蜡来密封软木塞并最大限度地减少氧化。 珍藏款只有在售出时才会从“历史”中拿出。然后贴上其年份的原始标签,包括“la lunetta”——带有每瓶编号的瓶颈标签,以及在背面标签上手写的离开酒窖的日期。 如果珍藏款在过去进行过补液并重新塞上软木塞,则会在瓶颈周围放置一张特殊的补液证书,证明这种微妙的修复何时发生。 让我们为碧安帝山迪丰富的历史和激动人心的未来干杯!