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Grape Variety: Petit Manseng,Viognier,Greco, Fiano


Alcohol: 10.5% Vol


Vinification: The different white grapes are ready for harvesting at different times. The Petit Manseng is not picked until the end of October by which time the clusters have been well and truly shrivelled by the sea breezes. On average the sugar level in the grapes (measured on the Babo scale)reaches 30-32 Babo degrees, the equivalent of approximately 18% potential alcohol. The grapes are gathered in small 10kg.crates and pressed whole with great care to extract nothing more than the highly concentrated juice. The solid parts of the grape are left behind and the ratio of must extracted to grapes pressed is no more than 30%.No yeasts are added.Fermentation occurs spontaneously in stainless steel vats at approximately 18℃.


Colour: A brilliant golden-yellow "dessert" wine


Bouquet:Fresh,floral notes of peach and orange blossom on the nose are followed by ripe juicy peach,citrus fruit, and honey.


Taste: Luscious and seductive on the palate, a refreshing mineral crispness balances the sweetness of this delicious nectar. A return of citrus fruit on the long finish.


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