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葡萄品种 桑娇维塞


酒精度: 13.5% Vol


酿造:采用最先进的技术进行发酵,以保持葡萄的天然浓度,随后转移到容量为 35 百升的法国橡木桶中,陈酿一年左右。






口感: 温暖,顺滑,结构良好。口感柔顺,单宁平衡。


Alcohol: 13.5% Vol


Vinification Fermented using the most advanced techniques to preserve the grapes'natural concentration, and is subsequently transferred to French oak barrels with a capacity of 35 hectoliters, where it ages for around one year.Follows a period in the bottle before being released.


Colour: intense ruby red.


Bouquet: intense and rich nose, with a pronounced sensation of ripe red fruit and spices.


Taste: warm, smooth and with a good structure. Great smoothness with a good balance of tannins.


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