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Silvio Carta Mirto Rosso Ricetta Storica 700ML/100ML

Raw material: Myrtle of sardinia


Alcohol: 30% Vol


Distillation Method: Main and most famous Sardinian liqueur, made with the berries of the Mirto plant. Harvesting of myrtle berries in December.Manual harvest, berries carefully placed in small wicker baskets. The berries are washed,cleaned of any leaves and infused in alcohol for 5/6 months. At the end of this period, the recipe is completed by adding sugar and bottled.


Colour: Intense black with bright,purple tinges


Bouquet: Multiple aromas. Apart from the intense myrtle, it is possible to distin-guish other aromas of the maquis such as aromatic herbs, bay leaves, sage and plum jam.

Taste:These scents mix together in a very elegant and enveloping myrtle that stands out in the mouth, dominated by the plant notes, in a very refined sweet- and-sour arm wrestling leading to a dry ending rich in Mediterranean aftertaste.

Silvio Carta Mirto Rosso Ricetta Storica 700ML/100ML

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