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Livio Felluga Pinot Grigio Curubella Friuli DOC

Grape Variety: Pinot Grigio


Alcohol content: 13.5%Vol


Vinification: The hand-picked grapes, placed in small crates, were destemmed and left to undergo maceration on the skins for two days. The wine was racked into 10- and 17-hectolitre containers made of cocciopesto towards the end of alcoholic fermentation, to permit proper temperature control. Malolactic fermentation took place over two weeks. Keeping the wine on the yeasts in these containers contributed to its creamy texture and sweet aromas.


Colour: Golden yellow with coppery hues creating an unusual pink gold tone in the glass.


Bouquet: Sweet and captivating on the nose with a subtly floral and citrus profile. Lime blossom and lemon zest blend with fruity aromas of Kaiser pears, peaches and mandarins. Light hints of grapefruit, lemon balm and lychee are released in the glass. The floral aromas include an appealing note of freshly mown hay and jasmine. An extremely mineral wine.


Taste: A smooth entry follows through, supported by well-balanced freshness with hints of citrus fruits and marjoram. Appealing and nicely textured with a lingering flavour, thanks to the chalky tang in the finish.

Livio Felluga Pinot Grigio Curubella Friuli DOC

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